Below is a sampling of my past exhibitions

Dodd Reception Gallery, Lamar Dodd School of Art - Upper Level - March - April, 2015

I was honored to have a piece displayed in the Dodd Reception Gallery of the Lamar Dodd School of Art.  It is one of the major pieces from my BFA Exhibition. (photographed above)

ICON - Lamar Dodd School of Art - Bridge Gallery - January 2015

I was incredibly honored to have three pieces selected by my friend, fellow Lamar Dodd artist, and incredibly talented painter, Michael Ross (MFA Candidate - Painting).   (photographed above)


Bertelsmann Gallery - Athens Academy - March & April, 2015

These photographs (above) are from a show I was honored to be highlighted in located in the Bertelsmann Gallery of Athens Academy.  My work was shown along with several of my clay friends from the UGA Ceramics Studio, another local artist & painter, Maria Nissan, as well as several students in the Athens Academy Art Club.  I had 15 pieces in the show from early March through the end of April. I am very grateful for Dr. Lawrence Stueck, accomplished sculptor and scholar, including me in this show! 


BFA Art Education Exit Show - Lamar Dodd School of Art - Bridge Gallery - April 2015

My Art Education degree was comprehensive in its studio focus and also included an Exit Exhibition at the close of our degree.  While I was student teaching Spring 2015, I had the opportunity to exhibit work with my fellow student teaching classmates, who are also incredibly talented artists themselves.