post-exhibition thoughts!

Wow.  What a wonderful experience! 


My BFA Exhibition installation was up in Lamar Dodd from December 4-11th, and it was such a great experience!

This semester FLEW by, and I could not be happier with the results.  Thank you to all those who came to see my work while it was up in Lamar Dodd!  I truly appreciate your time, love and support!  

I make to express, so it truly was a thrill to share my work with so many open minds and hearts.  The closing reception on Thursday night, October 11th, was the BEST kind of overwhelming, and I still have a smile on my face from the experience.  

Thank you all who supported me throughout this journey.  Every hug, smile, and word of encouragement was much much appreciated.  I am incredibly thankful to have such a wonderful community of artists, friends, and family around me.  

I have recently posted gallery photos along with my artist statement for the show on my website for those who are interested!   (Found under the "recent" tab, or take the link below!)

Much Love and Happy Holidays to you and yours!! 



Can't wait... the Show is finally HERE!!

Installation day for my BFA Exit Show, entitled Belonging, is tomorrow, Wednesday Dec. 3, 2014 and I can hardly wait!  I've been working towards this day for three+ months now and can't believe it is finally here!   The show will be open December 4th -11th at Lamar Dodd School of Art, Gallery 101 on the University of Georgia's East Campus!  Please feel free to stop by and see artwork of several BFA students in various media including Ceramics, Sculpture, Fabric Design, Art X, Scientific Illustration, and Graphic Design!  

Closing Reception is December 11th from 6-8pm at Lamar Dodd School of Art! 

A special thanks to all my friends and family who have helped make this a special journey and held my hand along the way! 

dirt and tiles

I have had a lot of fun this week making slips out of the dirt/clay from the farmland of my father's family that has been passed down since our ancestors settled there over 200 years ago.  Here are a few photos of the process.  I dug in four different areas on the farm in an effort to gather various pigments.  I have successfully fired clay slabs that were slapped directly into the raw particles (to embed the particles if you will), and I am now continuing to test out slips made out of each dried clay body after sifting them and adding various degrees of Nepheline Syenite (flux) and water.  If several of the tests work, I hope to use them throughout the semester in preparation for my Exit Show on December 11th!  

These are the test tiles before they were fired.  Stay tuned for the results! 

These are the test tiles before they were fired.  Stay tuned for the results! 

and the EXIT semester has BEGUN!!

Feels SO great to be back in the studio on a daily basis again... I am feeling quite refreshed after some needed vaca.   I'm definitely reinvigorated and can't wait to really get into my work again.  A warm up "sketch" if you will...

sculptures hanging around the studio...

this is a piece i made earlier this year.  at the time, i was struggling with my ideas and couldn't decide what to make next... so i made a piece about struggling and searching.  

the three figures are stretching out in varied directions, searching high and low.  they have an urge to search beyond themselves all the while not even being complete in their own flesh.   uncertain of where to turn, these figures remain stagnant in their struggle.  

thankfully i ended up breaking through my confusion unlike these poor guys.


last firing!

my most recent firing turned out pretty good, a little different than expected, but that's the norm! here is a photo of how the portraits looked straight out of the kiln. i think i'll re-fire them to a higher temp and reduce a bit more!